Old U.S. Coins Silver 5-Coin Set

A set of 5 old U.S. coins, including the following:
1 bronze Indian Head Cent, dated between 1859-1909
1 copper-nickel Buffalo Nickel, dated between 1913-1938
1 90% silver Mercury Dime, dated between 1917-1945
1 90% silver Standing Liberty Quarter, dated between 1917-1930
1 90% silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar, dated between 1916-1947

Each coin will be in average circulated condition (see pictures for examples), with moderate wear but no problems. I will choose the dates based on what I have available.

At the beginning of the 20th century, there was public dissatisfaction with the basic designs used on the nation's coins, many of which had remained unchanged for multiple decades. President Theodore Roosevelt worked with the Mint to initiate a beautification effort of American coin designs, resulting in the creation of many of the most iconic U.S. coin designs - including the Buffalo Nickel, Mercury Dime, Standing Liberty Quarter, and Walking Liberty Half Dollar.