Emperor Augustus Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin, 15 BC, NGC Choice XF

A silver denarius from the Ancient Roman Empire, produced between 15-13 B.C. during the reign of the first Roman emperor, Emperor Augustus. This coin is professionally graded and authenticated by NGC to be in Choice XF (Extremely Fine) condition, with light wear, a small planchet flaw on the reverse and a strong, slightly off-center strike. This listing is for the exact coin pictured.

The coin's obverse features Emperor Augustus. The reverse side of the coin features Augustus seated on his throne, with his step-sons and generals Tiberius and Drusus presenting oak branches (symbols of military victory) to him. I can provide a transcription and translation of the inscriptions on request.

The reverse side of this coin records the heady days when Augustus's two stepsons, Tiberius and Drusus, began the Alpine military campaign which aimed to bring all of Germany under Roman control. The scene depicted on the reverse shows Drusus and Tiberius presenting victory laurels to Augustus for subjugating the tribes occupying the foothills of the Alps. This was to be the staging ground for a gigantic flank attack that would conquer all of Germania to the Elbe and Weser Rivers.

A series of campaigns by Drusus 12-9 BC seem to have accomplished this; however, the death of Drusus due to injuries suffered in a freak riding accident in September of 9 BC was a setback which cost the Romans dearly and eventually lost them control of "free Germany" east of the Rhine.

This coin measures 20mm in diameter (slightly larger than a penny), weighs 3.69g, and is made of silver. If you have any questions about the coin (or about coin collecting in general), please send me a message and I'll be happy to respond.

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