1834 Russia Platinum 3 Roubles, NGC VF-25

An 1834 Russia 3 Roubles coin, minted in Siberia, graded VF-25 by NGC. In the 1830s, large natural ore deposits of platinum were discovered in the Ural Mountains of Siberia. The Russian government decided to put that platinum to use, minted three denominations of coins with the metal - 3, 6, and 12 Rouble coins. Unfortunately, the Russian mint quickly discovered that platinum was a hard and unmalleable metal, making it difficult for coin production. After limited numbers were produced over the course of a decade, the mint ceased production, making these the only platinum coins in the world ever produced for general circulation. This coin has a nice, even grey patina on both sides, with some central weakness in the reverse strike. 

This coin measures 24mm in diameter, 10.4g in weight, and is made of platinum.  

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