330 B.C. Alexander the Great Ancient Greek Gold Stater Coin | NGC AU

A gold stater coin from Ancient Greece, specifically the Kingdom of Macedon. This coin was produced between 336-323 B.C., during the reign of Alexander III - popularly known as Alexander the Great. The coin measures 19mm in diameter, about the size of a dime, and weighs 8.53g. This coin is professionally graded and authenticated to be in About Uncirculated (AU) condition by the third-party grading company NGC, with light wear and a strong, slightly off-center strike.

The obverse side of the coin features the portrait of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, whom Alexander considered his patron. The reverse features Nike, the winged goddess of victory (and namesake of the shoe company). The coin is encased in a archival-quality plastic certification holder by NGC. This listing is for the exact coin pictured.

In 336 B.C., Alexander ascended to the throne of the small kingdom of Macedon in Greece. Less than a decade later, he had conquered half of the known world, building an empire that stretched from Greece all the way to the northwestern corner of India. Poised to invade the Arabian peninsula, Alexander was struck down by a sudden illness (possibly poisoned) and died at the age of 32. His empire did not outlive him - after Alexander's death, his former generals grappled for power, splitting the empire into several smaller kingdoms.

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