49 B.C. Roman Republic Silver Denarius, Julius Caesar

49 B.C. Roman Republic Silver Denarius, Julius Caesar. Moderate wear, dark toning, light porosity, well-centered obverse and off-center reverse. 17mm diameter, 3.73g weight, silver

This coin was minted by Caesar to pay his legions, shortly after crossing the Rubicon (sacred boundary of the Roman Republic) and seizing control of Rome from the Senate. This was a huge turning point in Roman history that would ultimately lead to the collapse of the Roman Republic and rise of the Roman Empire under Caesar's heir, Augustus.

This particular coin was likely produced from silver looted by Caesar from the treasuries of Rome after he took the city. There have been varying interpretations of the design, but the general consensus is that the elephant trampling the snake represents the forces of good triumphing over evil. The reverse side of the coin features various religious instruments associated with Caesar's position as Pontifex Maximus (chief priest).

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