Mark Antony Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin, 32 BC, Legionary Denarius, Roman Republic

An ancient silver denarius struck by the famous Roman general Marc Antony, between 32-31 B.C. This coin measures 17mm in diameter, weighs 3.6 grams, and is made of silver. The coin has moderate wear, a slightly off-center strike, and a nice dark, original patina with areas of iridescent toning.

Antony produced these silver coins to pay his naval fleet and army legions in preparation for civil war with Octavian, heir of Julius Caesar. The obverse side of the coin features Roman legionary standards, borne by the troops in battle, along with the words "LEG II" - indicating this coin was used to pay the 2nd legion. The reverse side of the coin features a Roman galley with rowers, along with the visible words "ANT AVG" - translated as "Antonius (aka Antony) Augustus (a military title)".

This coin has great historical significance, as it was produced just before the civil war that would lead to the the suicide of Mark Antony, the final destruction of the Roman Republic, and the rise of the Roman Empire.

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